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We specialize in color coated roofing sheets,color coated galvalume sheets,and color profile sheets with thickness ranging from .35mm to .80 mm.With this we have color coated corrugated sheets also available in various thickness.

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Serving the Iron and steel Industry since 1977 | Over the 34 years we have earned Goodwill and a trusted Brand Name |We are into manufacturing to Retailing |We believe in supplying of Quality Products | Time is money and we save Client's money (EXPRESS DELIEVERY)

Welcome to Nem Kumar Jain & Sons

Nem kumar jain & sons is a trusted name for the Quality of Goods and services in the field of Iron and steel. We provide a variety in sheets which suits the consumer's requirement so that client is always in a win win situation. We have been in the industry from over 25 years which helps us to understand the consumer in a better way. Our products include various types of color coated roofing sheets,color profile sheets,corrugated roofing sheets,galvalume corrugated sheets. The sheet suits the client's budget with us as we are involved in manufacturing to retailing.

Color corrugated Sheets

We offer high quality Corrugated Sheets with variable color options and thickness.

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Galvanised Plain Sheets

In galvanized sheets a wide range of thickness is a available with various width and sizes .

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Galvanised Coils

Galvanized coils comes with a variouble thickness and variable weights which extends upto 5-6 tons.

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